Special thanks to all of the following people for providing inspiration, knowlege, support and encouragement to develop and promote the Chores-For-Charity program.  

My parents and brother

Orrin Devinsky, M.D. - Director of the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.

Christine Toes - Program Coordinator at FACES

Mr. Tony Coelho - Author of The Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ms. Jill Tierney - English teacher at Manasquan High School in New Jersey. 

Mr. Mitch Ryder/ Camp Towanda -

Mr. Bob Borges, Junior Achievment, Inc. - featuring the Chores-For-Charity program in the Student Entrepreneur Center on the Junior Achievement website,

Mr. Chuck Walker - President of M&W Marketing.

Mrs. Lisa Vorhees -  Program Coordinator at Manasquan High School

Mrs. Deborah Mangione - Guidance Counselor at Manasquan High School

Mrs. Denise Schacter - Community Service Coordinator at Teaneck High School

Ms. Ann Kinkor  - Special Services Los Angeles County School District

Ms. Jennifer Flynn - CEO Flynn Educational Co.

 Chores-For-Charity has been able to raise more than $20,000 in cash and/or in kind donations to FACES, a non-profit organization at NYU's Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, from the following individual, corporate and school supporters.  Thank you so much!

H.R. Industries, Inc.                                    Mannkraft Box Company

F.B.R. Group                                             Century Packaging

William C. Foster & Company, C.P.A.         Sloan's Securities, Inc.  

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Dowling                           Multi-Wall Corporation

Dr. Munr Kazmir - Direct Meds                    Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lippman 

Mr. Cliff Carpenter                                      Atlantic Club - Wall, New Jersey

Mr. Ken Foster                                          New Jersey Glove

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Blum                                Rima St. John/Designs By Rima

Ms. Gara Morse Newman                           Dr. & Mrs. Ken Fieldston

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Solomon        .                 Georgian Court College

The Solomon Real Estate Organization       Mr. & Mrs. Al Simeone 

Ms. Linda Sczepkowski                             Teaneck High School

Manasquan High School                             Ms. Theresa Passarelli

Ms. Debbie Josephs The Anita Kaufmann Foundation

Mr. Gary Sowers - Teaneck High School      Mr. Michael Glicksman-Visy Flex Corp.    

Mr. Ivan Urits                                             Ms. Stephanie Vaino

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