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"The Chores-For-Charity program exemplifies how philanthropy can begin with America's youth by rewarding them with the credit they need at their age."
     - Tony Coelho,  principal author of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Chores-For-Charity empowers you to turn your part-time, summer, babysitting or even odd job into a volunteer activity.

How?  By donating a small amount of the money you've earned to the charity of your choice. You can count the  "unpaid" time as "volunteer time", which may qualify for community service credit. *

 The Wall Street Journal reported that last year teens spent more than $100 million of their earnings on games, videos and other "stuff."  By donating a small amount of money from part-time job earnings, teens can raise a lot of money for charitable causes. 

Just download the Chores-For-Charity Volunteer Log from the How You Can Begin page and you're ready to begin. Submit your Volunteer Log and your donation to the charity of your choice.  

Or, you can support epilepsy research at New York University Medical Center. Epilepsy, is a serious neurological disorder, that affects almost three million people in the United States, including  400,000 kids under the age of 18.To learn more about epilepsy, go to the Epilepsy:Up Close page and read a personal story about a teenager's struggle with epilepsy..

If you have a charity that you would like to see featured on this website or want to share your personal story about a cause that is important to you, email us at  Jeff Numark, of Livingston, New Jersey is spearheading the ALS Chores-For-Charity program at his high school.  You can read his heartbreaking story about ALS, a fatal neuromotor disease, on the Featured Charities page.

                                      Helping others  helps you too!

          " Chores-for-Charity is an innovative program that's made me think of my babysitting job in a new way. My parents also like the fact that I'm using some of my own money to help a worthy cause."
      Jessie Horowitz, 17, Friends Seminary, New York, New York 

"Finding the time to do a community service activity is very hard because I have so many after school activities.  With Chores-For-Charity, I can earn community service credit by donating some of my part-time job earnings for epilepsy research, which is really important."
       Eric Josephs, 17, Teaneck High School, Teaneck, New Jersey

**  ENHANCE YOUR COLLEGE APPLICATION  - According to The Fiske Guide to Getting into College, a part-time job is a good extracurricular activity, but "flipping burgers in a fast food joint to buy yourself a new Harley is a less compelling use of your time." 

Donating some of your earnings for a charitable cause makes your part-time job particularly meaningful. In a recent article in U.S. News & World Report, a financial planner suggested that kids earmark 10% of their own money for charity. 

Academic records are only one factor that colleges take into consideration.  It says a lot about your character when you donate your own money to help others.

"We are finding ways to consider every aspect of students - not just the academics.  Good students are a dime a dozen."
     -Sylvia Hurtado, director, Higher Education Research Institute (quote appeared in the 3/25/06 edition of The Wall Street Journal)

Whether you do Chores-For-Charity for community service credit or just because you want to help others, you'll feel good knowing that your contribution, no matter how small, can make a big difference.

* Check with your school about their community service requirements.

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